“We strive for the new Seesaw’s Lodge to be a place where individuals, couples and families gather to appreciate the beauty of Southern Vermont throughout the seasons and where they can return year after to year to continue long standing traditions and establish new ones.

– The Seesaw’s Team


The Prins family had been looking at various inn and lodges for a couple of years when the Seesaw’s opportunity presented itself right in their back yard. The Eastmans and DiDomenicos, two families with ties to Peru and a long history as patrons at Seesaw’s, had a desire to help reinvent Johnny Seesaw’s and bring it back to life. There was a common shared vision to preserve the original Seesaw’s and its history, give back to the community that has nurtured Seesaw’s since the 1920’s, and build a business that will thrive for years to come. The three families joined together to create the newly formed Seesaw’s Lodge.


Seesaw’s has played a central role in the Peru community for decades. Locals have come to congregate, eat, drink and be merry; visitors have come to experience skiing, snow shoeing, hiking and all that the Vermont outdoors have to offer, while enjoying the comforts of a local inn that welcomed them with a warm fireplace, good cheer and delicious food.

Seesaw’s has had an eclectic group of patrons — whether it was Charles Lindbergh visiting in the 1940’s or Commander Whitehead, of “Schweppervescence” fame in the 1950’s, President Ford in the 1960’s or Julia Child in the 1970’s. But the cornerstone of Seesaw’s rich history lies most of all with the loyal families that love the Vermont outdoors and returned consistently to experience the special magic of Seesaw’s. There have been thousands of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, engagements, and first kisses celebrated at Seesaw’s.

The Seesaw’s faithful cherish their memories with an uncommon fondness, and we look forward to welcoming them back, and to reconnecting with new families that will continue the Seesaw’s tradition. We have started to compile a list of “Seesaw’s Stories” and invite you to contribute your treasured memories here.


It has taken us thousands of hours to comb through the Seesaw’s site in order to locate, salvage and preserve the important pieces of Seesaw’s history. Everything that could be repurposed from the original Seesaw’s buildings will become a part of Seesaw’s future. Our goal is to preserve Seesaw’s rich history while bringing the facilities up to date and adding some modern elements.

The new Seesaw’s Lodge includes three Cabins, a Lodge, the new “Johnny Seesaw’s” Restaurant, the old “Barn” building to be used for special events, and a Warming Hut that will be built out of an old sugaring house moved from a nearby farm to our newly dug skating pond. The property is expected to open to the public in the summer of 2018.


A multitude of brass plaques were found in the original Johnny Seesaw’s restaurant that had a broad variety of long time traditions of family reunions, anniversaries and birthdays, a variety of holiday celebrations and the like. The Seesaw’s team would like to reconnect with these loyal Seesaw’s patrons, and we hope you continue these traditions for the years to come. We invite you to come and see how the property has evolved and would love to hear from you!