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Five years after the grand reopening of Seesaw’s Lodge, the owners share how they preserved its magical atmosphere white building their beautiful new vision

Strolling through the grounds of Seesaw’s Lodge, the scenery and ambience is absolutely remarkable. It’s easy to see why the gorgeous destination lodge’s namesake, Ivan Sesow,. chose to open the Wonder View Log Pavilion there in 1924. Looking southward, picturesque mountain vistas stretch as far as the eye can see, conjuring feelings of timeless romance. The rapturous elation inspired by the spectacular landscape is further amplified by the rustic decor and atmosphere of the charming lodge, restaurant, cabins, and additional outbuildings on the Seesaw’s Lodge campus. Several of the structures hold priceless memories for multiple generations of visitors and native Vermonters. All of them were reimagined, rebuilt, and refinished with painstaking precision during the course of a comprehensive redevelopment campaign, which was overseen by Seesaw’s Lodge’s three passionate owners: Ryan Prins, Kim Prins, and Jay Eastman. Five years after Seesaw’s Lodge reopened its doors, they remain steadfastly dedicated to carrying on the legacy of the beloved Southern Vermont lodge while continually upgrading its facilities and amenities. 

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