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Cosmopolitan – These 20 Romantic Getaways in New England Are the Stuff of Rom-Coms


#3 – Seesaw’s Lodge

Only the quaintest destinations for you, cuties.

There’s just something about a well-preserved, centuries-old building that can get you all up in your feels, and this 100-year-old ski lodge, located in Peru, Vermont, is a hidden gem if I’ve ever seen one. Stop by in the chillier months for an honest-to-goodness winter wonderland—I’m talking skiing, ice skating, and sleigh rides before warming up by the fire—or during the summer season for hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and just taking in the beauty of Vermont’s Green Mountains. Each room has a fireplace, soaking tub, and heated floors, so you know you’ll never not be cozy.

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