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My wife Olivia and I first visited Seesaws in February 2002 with my sister-in-law and her husband (boyfriend at the time) Alex.  Alex’s family had spent Thanksgivings at Seesaw’s all throughout his childhood.  From that first weekend a love affair with Vermont was born.  We remember snowshoeing up to Bromley from behind the lodge with our oldest son (then 5 months old) strapped into a baby bjorn, narrowly escaping a case of frost bite on his exposed cheeks. In the evening there was a famously strange dinner order of trout almondine by Olivia – everyone else of course had the prime rib – and a snug night with our son in front of the fireplace in the cabin. 

Since then we’ve spent as much time as possible in Vermont.  The kids have all learned to ski at Bromley in the winters, to hike the Green Mountains in the fall and to search for hidden water holes in the summer.  When in Vermont we live nearby in Weston.