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Steven F.


My Father was a classmate of Bill Parrish’s, the founder of the inn, and beginning in 1954, dad would put me on a bus in Cornwall Bridge, CT, which drove up Rt 7 to Manchester. Bill Parrish, or Lew Deschwienitz (sp) would meet the bus and drive me to Johnny Seesaw’s. You could ski down beside the road to the lifts, and there was a small trail that started midway down the east meadow at Bromley and brought you back to the lodge.

I remember the smell of wet leather ski boots drying out around the fireplace. There was a bench in the lodge for lacquering your wood skis and sharpening edges. I think I had prime rib every night!

I brought my children to ski on school vacations in the 1980’s, and they were given jobs in the kitchen and as babysitters for families staying there, in return for lodging on school vacation. Gary Okun had little tags made that he would hang in the entry when guests checked in. Ours said “Johnny Seesaw’s, Foote family ski House since 1954.”

An unforgettable series of memories. Best luck to the new owners.